1. What is Prim’s cat’s name?
2. Katniss, her family and Dale all live in a poor section of District 12 called the ___________?
3. How did Katniss’s father die?
4. What did Katniss learn from her father?
5.  What is the name of the Capitol City?
6. What is the “reaping”?
7.  What is Katniss’s mother’s occupation?
8. Why was Katniss so surprised when they called Prim’s name at the reaping?
9. What memory does Katniss have of Peeta when they were younger?
10. What is “tesserae”?  Why is it good and bad?
11. What does Katniss mean when she says to her mom, “don’t clock out again!” before she leaves for the Capitol.
12.  How does Prim help the family?
13. Why does Peeta’s father come to see Katniss before she leaves the district for the Hunger Games?
14.  What does Madge give to Katniss before she leaves?
15. The Capitol is in a place that was once called _______?
16.  District 12 was once called ________ ?
17.  What do Peeta and Katniss do that proves to Haymitch they might actually be good contenders in the Hunger Games?
18.  What is the main function or industry for the following districts: #1, #3, #4, #11, #12, #13 (now destroyed)
19.  Katniss thought her opening ceremony costume would be ?
20. What is the name of the leader of the Capitol?
21.  Who are the stylists for Katniss and Peeta?
22. What is an “avox”?
23. Why is it so hard for Katniss to let Peeta become a friend?
24.  What are Career Tributes?
25.  Rue is from what which district?  What is she good with?
26. Katniss is the last tribute to show her talents to the Gamemakers during the training.  They are ignoring her because they are more interesting in their food.  What does Katniss do?
27.  How does Katniss’s relationship with Dale develop?
28.  What does Peeta say in his interview before the games start that stuns the audience?
29. What is Haymitch’s final advice for Katniss and Peeta when they first  arrive at the Corucopia?
30.  Katniss meets Peeta on the roof the night before the games.  What is his goal for the Hunger Games?
31. How long can the tributes stand on the metal circles when they first are in the Hunger Games and what happens if they don’t move within that time limit
32.  What does the Cornucopia look like and what is in it (name at least 3 items)?

33. What does Katniss get from the Cornucopia?
34. Who tries to kill Katniss first and what does she get from her?
35.  Why are the cannons shot?
36.  How does the wire help Katniss?
37.  Where does Katniss find it is best to sleep?
38. Why do the Careers let Peeta into their gang?
39. At one point, Katniss is so dehydrated that she lies down to die.  What stops her?
40.  What is the first major catastrophe that the Gamemakers cause for Katniss?
41.  Katniss gets hit by a fireball on her leg and is in great pain.  She knows she should not show her pain.  Why?
42. Katniss hold up high in a tree so the Careers cannot get to her.  What does Rue warn her about?
43. Why are these wasps so dangerous?
44.  What does Katniss do with the “tracker jacker” nest?
45.  What does Katniss take from Glimmer after she has swollen up from the wasp stings and is dead?
46.  Katniss originally thinks that Peeta is buddies with the Careers.  What causes her to change her mind?
47. Who becomes a major ally of Katniss even before Peeta?
48.  How do Rue and Katniss signal each other?
49.  Why did the Careers let the boy from District 3 live?
50.  What is Rue’s request of Katniss as she is dying? 
51. Katniss makes a vow to Rue after she dies.  What is it?
52.  Katniss tried to find Peeta and followed the water going down the stream until she sees some blood on a boulder.  How is Peeta hiding?
53.  What is Peet’s injury when Katniss finds him and why is it going to be  so bad?
54.  Haymitch sends a pot of broth as a gift while Peeta and Katniss are in the cave.  Why does he do this and what does it mean?
55.  Katniss tells Peeta a story while they are in the cave.  What is it about?
56.Claudious Templesmith offers a Feast backpack at the Cornucopia for each tribute with things they really need.  Peeta threatens to follow Katniss if she goes.  What bargain does Katniss make with Peeta for her not to go?
57.  Why does Haymitch send a parachute to Katniss with a vial of sleeping syrup?
58.  What important things does Katniss do before she leaves Peeta in the cave to get the  Feast backpack?  3 things
59. Which ear is Katniss deaf in from the explosion?
60. What kind of wound does Clove give Katniss?
61.  Why does Thresh pull Clove off of Katniss when she is about to slice up her face?
62. What weapon  did Thresh use to kill Clove?
63.  What did Thresh take before he left the Cornucopia for the Feast?
64.  Haymitch said that one kiss between Katniss and Peeta equals what?
65.  Why doesn’t Katniss trust her mother?
66. When did Peeta’s crush for Katniss start?
67. What did Katniss’s mother love about her father?
68.  Why do Katniss and Peeta stay in the cave so long when they are starving?
69.  If a tribute wins the Hunger Games where do they live afterwards?
70. If you win the Hunger Games, what is one of your jobs in your district?
71.  After clove, who was the next tribute to die?
72.  Why does Katniss believe she will never have children of her own?
73.  What were the two good things about the four day rain storm?
74.Why do Peeta and Katniss have to split up while they are hunting?
75.  How does Foxface die?
76.  Why does Katniss think that Cato hates her so much to distraction?
77.  How do the Gamemakers drive Peeta, Katniss, and Cato to the lake for the final show down?
78.  The creatures that run after Cato, Katniss, and Peeta resemble ferocious wolves, but also part human.  They are really what?
79. Why do Peeta and Katniss hear Cato moan at the bottom of the Cornucopia for hours?
80.  Why doesn’t Katniss want Peeta to go to sleep while they are on the top of the Cornucopia?
81.  What weapon does Katniss use to help Peeta’s leg bleed less, and what does she make with it?
82.  How do Katniss and Peeta trick the Gamemakers so that both of them can live and be victors of the Hunger Games?
83.  What warning does Haymitch give Katniss just before the Victor’s Ceremony?
84. What does Katniss learn about Peeta when they finally sit down to talk.
85.  What is Peeta upset with Katniss at the end of the story?
86.  Should Katniss choose Peeta or Gale for her boyfriend?

Hunger Games Trivia